How American Higher Education Is Missing Out On The Global Pie

“In defining the potential of American Higher Education’s global reach, Anatoly Lezhen first deconstructs the college experience into its existing components. He then cleverly re-assembles those components into a refreshingly smart concept – First Global University – that shows how scaled American Higher Ed can be commercially viable on a global stage.”

Amjed M. Saffarini, President, University Innovations Group, Kaplan Inc.



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“What if Apple’s & Startbucks’ idea of global strategy was to cater only to tourists who visit the US?”


MONEY ON THE TABLE  is a visionary report on the current state and potential of globalized American higher education. It explores the barriers to global expansion faced by American higher education and the American Higher Education brand. MONEY ON THE TABLE examines innovations across the not-for-profit and for-profit higher education sectors, finding key moments of progress and opportunity. The author offers real-world implementations and presents a solid foundation for a truly global university.


MONEY ON THE TABLE answers the pressing questions: Why is there no dominating global brand in premium higher education? What are the advantages to operating a global university? What would a truly global university look like?


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As online learning becomes more competitive, transferable, and commoditized, the true differentiator of on-site learning will be the campus experience—the setting and context of learning.

The largest, best funded, most respected higher-education system in the world is being held back by its history and mission.

It is time for an institution, a partnership of institutions, or a de novo institution to build a truly global, premium education brand and become the biggest educational institution in the world.



About The Author

Anatoly Lezhen exhibits an undying and contagious energy for education innovation. His belief is that the development of education and education technology is the world’s best opportunity for democratization and growth.

An entrepreneur and an equity markets specialist, Anatoly Lezhen is expert at identifying market inefficiencies and executing well timed solutions. As a proprietary trader with over a decade of experience, Anatoly has regularly transacted over five million shares daily on the NYSE and NASDAQ markets. He has founded a successful algorithmic trading company, as well as several education technology and educational media startups. He has been an angel and advisor to multiple start-up companies, which have gone on to raise VC rounds with Greycroft Partners, Mission OG and Osage Venture Partners. He is on the board of directors at St. Ann’s Warehouse and is an avid fan of world theater and architecture.

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