Groundhog Day In Higher Education

“It’s nice … People like it.” –Rita (Andie McDowel) “People like blood sausage too… People are morons.”  -Phil Connors (Bill Murray) We wake up, day after day and year after year, to the same higher education. The world is changing at light speed — there were no Snap Chats, iPhones, or Teslas a decade ago – but on-campus higher education just stays the same. Continue reading at:


We know all about the skills gap… what about the engagement gap?   I was recently reading the Op-Ed in the New York Times about saving the lecture called Lecture Me. Really. Reading the article, one would think that the lecture is really an endangered species. Well, I don’t believe that. Really. As part of my market research, I talk to a lot of students. And the students are still saying the same thing – there’s too much lecture, too much abstraction, and not enough engagement. These conversations made me wonder if the discussion about outcomes and…