Groundhog Day In Higher Education

“It’s nice … People like it.” –Rita (Andie McDowel) “People like blood sausage too… People are morons.”  -Phil Connors (Bill Murray) We wake up, day after day and year after year, to the same higher education. The world is changing at light speed — there were no Snap Chats, iPhones, or Teslas a decade ago – but on-campus higher education just stays the same. Continue reading at:

Why Internships Are NOT The Answer!

I have been on a conference marathon promoting the GEEC ( for the past month – NAFSA, NACE, Global Internship Conference. Here is my main takeaway from these conferences: I am now, officially, anti-internship. WHAT?!?!?!? How could I say that!? First, the good news: Everybody finally appears to agree about the state of affairs. – Changes in the workplace and hiring. – Industry is looking for skills and competencies. – Universities are struggling to provide necessary preparation. – Need to teach students real world skills and adaptability. The list goes on and is shouted from the…

University As Talent Agent

One of my business partners is an agent for basketball players in the NBA and Euroleague. He also happens to be a great storyteller, so I get to hear all sorts of Jerry Maguire type stories. Professional players are a high-maintenance bunch, and the agent has to play many roles to satisfy them. The players are often very young, so the agent also has the job of developing and nurturing talent, not just managing it. Here are some of the roles that agents need to play: Recruiting students, offering them this, that and the other….


We know all about the skills gap… what about the engagement gap?   I was recently reading the Op-Ed in the New York Times about saving the lecture called Lecture Me. Really. Reading the article, one would think that the lecture is really an endangered species. Well, I don’t believe that. Really. As part of my market research, I talk to a lot of students. And the students are still saying the same thing – there’s too much lecture, too much abstraction, and not enough engagement. These conversations made me wonder if the discussion about outcomes and…